Why 4CC?


Four Corners Consulting provides our clients the expertise, tools and methodologies to negotiate corrugated, but we are only compensated on the amount of money we save you.

By utilizing our formula pricing technique Four Corners Consulting can offer you a cutting edge approach to your corrugated negotiation.

  1. Uniform pricing across all package designs. We work with our clients and their corrugated suppliers to guarantee a standard price across all package designs, eliminating doubt that one operation cost structure might be different from another.
  2. Single Pricing Element. Our negotiated agreements enable you to effectively manage your corrugated purchases over the contract period. A single pricing element is implemented to adjust pricing when market conditions change.

There are no up front costs associated to engage our professionals. After our first meeting, we will make a savings assessment of the potential save opportunity. This estimate will provide both Four Corners Consulting and our clients with an expected return. We will then have information to determine whether the expected savings warrants the effort to engage one another.