Four Corners Consulting


Utilizing our formula pricing method, we can negotiate our pricing according to a specified market barometer. Most corrugated manufacturers approach their clients individually to base price increases on regional corrugated converters costs.

Four Corners Consulting highly recommends that our clients engage in contracts that set triggers to determine when and how much prices move. Monthly reviews of the industry and triggers provide you with the necessary information to determine pricing adjustments. Your corrugated pricing will follow the market movements and eliminate the need to renegotiate pricing with every paper movement in the marketplace.

All price movements will only affect a fixed ratio of the total cost of packaging. Corrugated manufactures will communicate price changes by announcing a percentage price increase in the market.

Four Corners Consulting will help you avoid haggling over pricing every time there is a price movement in the market. We peg the market at contract inception and create the contract language to adjust prices at agreed upon movements in the market. You will not need to haggle over a price during a contract period!