Four Corners Consulting


Prior to any contract or consulting fees we will calculate the savings that your organization can realize by utilizing our corrugated negotiation methods. We complete the baseline analysis upfront because we want our clients to know the bottom line savings prior to engaging us for our services.

What we need from our clients is, good information!

Information we require to perform our baseline savings evaluation: corrugated specifications, length, width, board weight, flute, colors, any additional up charges, annual volumes, prices paid to each supplier for each box, prices FOB or delivered.

After you provide us with this information we will present the analysis and our findings to your management team, at no cost to you. We are so confident that our approach will generate bottom line savings we don’t feel the need to charge for our analysis. Also keep in mind, that we are only compensated on a percentage of the savings that we generate, so for the analysis and our services there are no costs to our clients, only savings!

We look forward to the prospect of discussing our capabilities in greater detail.